πŸ‘‹ Hey there! I'm Shuaib. A Data Scientist and IT Auditor with a unique blend of programming and data analytics skills. I majored in Computer Science and Economics.

Currently, I'm spending a lot of time writing Python and SQL code and developing small web applications and scripts that help the internal audit department reduce administrative and repetitive work. Lately, I've been thinking more about how to structure code better to make it more maintainable so that computer programs can be changed quickly to meet the demands of their users.

I'm an explorer and creator. Driven by discovery, with a deep passion for learning about myself and the world, I am intrigued by the many things I don't know. Less focused on the destination than the journey. I live in the moment and relish novelty.

I explore wide-ranging subjects and research them deeply to apply them to my life to solve interesting problems. I'm driven to improve how I think and to think of new ways of doing things.

The best place to get in touch with me is via Twitter @shuuabe

What can I find here?

I started this as a blog in January 2020, primarily to document reference guides on how I solved technical problems I was working on. The site is now evolving as I begin to add my views on topics I'm interested in: technology, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. I'll also document my experiences and what I've learned from explorations and experiments in a wide array of interests from code, macroeconomics, investment, cryptocurrencies, productivity, and building an internet presence.

Intellectual Interests and Technical Skills

  • Reading non-fiction books, primarily on personal effectiveness and business
  • Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralization.
  • How economies and the modern financial system works. The history and evolution of money. The nature of inflation.
  • Business risk in the context of internal audit, from an operational and cybersecurity standpoint
  • Python, JavaScript to build small web apps that solve a personal or niche business problem. I'm particularly fond of building web scrapers for data collection.
  • SQL, Python, and Regular Expressions for data cleansing and data analysis
  • Setting up low-cost technology infrastructure for department-level apps.
  • Deploying open-source business applications