👋 Hey there! I'm Shuaib. An IT Auditor with a unique blend of coding and data analytics skills. I majored in Computer Science and Economics.

I'm an explorer and creator. Driven by discovery, with a deep passion for learning about myself and the world. Knowing how things work from the outside is not enough. I have a need to understand how they work and why. I'm interested in effects AND what caused them.

I explore wide-ranging subjects and research them deeply to apply them to my life to solve interesting problems. I'm driven to improve how I think and to think of new ways of doing things.

The best place to get in touch with me is via Twitter @shuuabe

What can I find here?

I started this as a blog in January 2020, primarily to document reference guides on how I solved technical problems I was working on. The site is now evolving as I begin to add my views on topics I'm interested in: technology, entrepreneurship, personal growth. I'll also document my experiences and what I've learned from explorations and experiments in a wide array of interests from code, macroeconomics, investment, cryptocurrencies, productivity, and building an internet presence.

Intellectual Interests and Technical Skills

  • Reading non-fiction books, primarily on personal effectiveness and business
  • Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and decentralization.
  • How economies and the modern financial system works. The history and evolution of money. The nature of inflation.
  • Business risk in the context of internal audit, from an operational and cybersecurity standpoint
  • Python, JavaScript to build small web apps that solve a personal or niche business problem. I'm particularly fond of building web scrapers for data collection.
  • SQL, Python, and Regular Expressions for data cleansing and data analysis
  • Setting up low-cost technology infrastructure for department-level apps.
  • Deploying open-source business applications‌